As a Councilor, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training programs worldwide. Training programs must meet substantial criteria and benchmarks in order to become accredited and members of this Council are active in establishing and maintaining the standards in the accreditation process. Councilors evaluate training program initial and renewal applications as well as interpret and periodically re-evaluate accreditation standards in order to incorporate new findings and new clinical practice guidelines. Councilors have the opportunity to affect the quality of the accreditation process as well as the accredited Tobacco Treatment Specialist programs and thus have a profound effect on the practice of tobacco dependence treatment.

Councilors will be expected to:

  • Fulfill a two-year commitment with council member work
  • Review accreditation applications on a systematic, rotating basis
  • Provide interactive expertise on accreditation criteria
  • Fulfill other duties as a council member which may include ad hoc committee work

The Council offers a rewarding and valuable experience for tobacco treatment professionals who would like to contribute to strengthening and standardizing the training offered to tobacco treatment specialists. Councilors will be provided with a small annual stipend.

Qualified tobacco treatment professionals are encouraged to send a letter of interest and resume or curriculum vitae to Dr. Christine Sheffer at