Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide leadership and to promote excellence in the professional preparation of Tobacco Treatment Specialists.  As an accrediting body, we are committed to the development and proliferation of standards and procedures that meet the needs of a dynamic, diverse, and complex population of tobacco users in a variety of contexts as well as encouraging and promoting the continuing development and improvement of Tobacco Treatment Specialist training and educational programs. The Council establishes and continually reviews Tobacco Treatment Specialist training standards, evaluates training program compliance with established standards, recognizes training programs which demonstrate compliance, and serves as a resource for Tobacco Treatment Specialist certification.


We shall be the premier resource for tobacco treatment training in the world, based on the excellence of our training programs, the diversity of our community, and our commitment to evidence-based treatment and practice. We seek to ensure that high-quality, evidence-based treatment for tobacco dependence be available to every tobacco user who needs it.