Accreditation is important because:

It provides external validity for your training program. It is a form of quality control that will make your program more attractive to potential trainees. As an accrediting body, the Council is committed to both developing and expanding standards and procedures to meet the needs of a dynamic, diverse and complex population of tobacco users

Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) training programs:

  • Serve providers from many professions and clinical settings (physicians, nurses, master's level counselors, psychologists, social work, respiratory care, pharmacists, etc.).
  • Deliver foundational information and skill-building on the science behind tobacco addiction,nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and effective treatments for tobacco use.
  • Develop TTSs who work in hospitals, community health centers, educational settings, tobacco treatment centers, telephone quit lines, and many social service environments.
  • Develop graduates who provide clear and accurate information about tobacco product use, the causes and consequences of tobacco use, and create treatment plans for individuals and communities

Accreditation is rigorous and highly-valued by training programs and participants because:

  • Since the first program was accredited in 2009, new accreditations have grown to 25, including two programs in the Middle East and one in India.
  • Many programs offer virtual training or blended training options. This expanded access extends the reach of training by giving those interested new instruction options.

The Council developed evaluative criteria based upon the Core Competencies for the Evidence-based Treatment of Tobacco Dependence (

  • Program applications must demonstrate that they address all 11 TTS Core Competencies, have established development goals, use qualified program faculty as well as other accreditation criteria.
  • Each application is reviewed independently by a panel of Councilors with extensive experience in tobacco treatment and training.
  • Accreditation is awarded for five years with annual reports required.

The Council provides support to you and your trainees:

  • Consultation during the development phase of your program.
  • Promotion of your program on the Council website and listing of workshops and training events on the CTTTP calendar. (
  • Access to the Council Training Director listserv ( This listserv is for training directors and is used to circulate training and program-specific information.
  • Access to our new TTS Training News Distribution listserv ( Programs will be able to enroll their trainees in this information listserv (one-way communication) providing the latest information about certification, news from the field and continuing education opportunities.
  • Access to our shared Training Director Basecamp folders which contain a wealth of information about billing and coding, lectures and other resources.
  • A free six-month ATTUD membership for all of your trainees. (
  • Once accredited, your trainees are eligible to apply for the National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice. (
Please consider joining us in our vision of ensuring that high-quality, evidence-based treatment for tobacco dependence is available to every tobacco user who needs it.