The Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs is recognizing programs who excel in meeting the highest training standards in preparing and developing professional Tobacco Treatment Specialists. One program will be chosen for the award, and will be highlighted with a citation, as well as recognition on the Council's website.

Program Name: The Breathing Association Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program 

Location of the program: online / virtual (Columbus, Ohio)

Contact email:

How long has the program been operating?
Been nationally accredited since 2016, but our program has been around since 2013.

Who is eligible to participate in your program?
A Bachelor's Degree or higher in a health-related discipline, preferably with at least one year's experience in counseling, health education, and/or patient care. Applicants must provide 1) a copy of the highest degree earned and a Statement of Work Experience form.
Documented status as a tobacco-free person; at least six months tobacco-free (for recovering tobacco users).
If you do not have a Bachelor's Degree, you must provide 1) a Statement of Work Experience for and 2) copies of significant professional licenses/credentials in related fields. Documented Status as a tobacco-free person; at least six months tobacco-free (for recovering tobacco users).

Number of specialists who have completed the program?

What have specialists who have completed your program stated in evaluations?
Our evaluations are taken into consideration following the end of each session and referred to when setting up for our next sessions. Many specialists have noted that they appreciate how in-depth the program is and how each module serves its own purpose. They also have mentioned that the counseling and group work techniques taught in our course helps prepare them to take what they have learned and put it in real practice. One critique that we are working on is providing closed captioning for our lectures. We are aiming to include this in all our new recording.

How do you tailor your program to keep learners engaged with the content and materials?
We are currently adding on new modules and re-recording our existing modules to keep up with current research and information. Our new modules include: Emerging Issues with E-Cigarette Use, focused solely on e-cigarettes and vaping products and Maternal Health and Nicotine Cessation, a more in-depth look at nicotine and tobacco use among expectant and new mothers and the different adversities they face.

Describe your program outcomes in one word. Informative

What do TTS participants report gaining from the program?
Many participants have expressed that they have gained insight into different methods of counseling, both one on one and in a group environment. It's also noted that participants in this program have gained a better comprehension of the materials because of tests and quizzes and additional resources provided.

What makes your program stand apart? What is unique about it?
Our program stands apart because of how dedicated we are to helping our students truly grasp what they are learning.

Name one challenge your program encountered and overcame.
Switching from in-person to virtual when covid-19 hit. It was a rough transition but our professors and module leaders were a tremendous help in making sure the course lost no integrity or impact when switching platforms.

What else should we know?
This is the outline of our modules for our upcoming May 2023 course:
Tobacco Dependence Knowledge and Education
An American Crisis; A Chronic Disease
Pharmacotherapies for Tobacco Addictions
Rationale for Current and Future Practices
Counseling Skills and Motivational Interviewing
Smokeless Tobacco and Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Emerging Issues with E-Cigarette Use
Assessment Interviewing
Treatment Planning
Conducting Group Sessions
Relapse Prevention
Diversity and Cultural Issues
Maternal Health and Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco and Mental Health or Substance Use Disorder
Professional Resources & Professional Development
Law and Ethics

Thank you for your continued excellence!