To maintain accreditation, there are a few reporting requirements:

Annual Report:

  • Each year while your program is accredited, CTTTP requires an Annual Report which will outline any substantial changes in your program and provide an opportunity for reflection on the past year. The CTTTP Executive Office will send your program a reminder and the required forms to the designated program contact person 60 days prior to your programs deadline, but the annual report form is available at any time upon your request. An Annual Report will be due after Year 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    Annual Report


Minimal Data Set (due in January each year regardless of the due date of your Annual Report)

  • Part A:
    • CTTTP requires that programs report specific characteristics of their trainees (e.g., demographics, profession, etc.). The characteristics to be collected and the response options are attached.
      Minimal Data Set Fields
  • Part B:
    • In the beginning of the year, each year, CTTTP requires each program send the number of Tobacco Treatment Specialists who complete the Tobacco Treatment Specialist training from January 1 December 31 of each year.
    • Please send this number to each year in January.

National Certification:

ATTUD Membership

  • All successful participants in a Tobacco Treatment Training Program will receive a code from the training program for a free six-month membership to ATTUD. If you are a CTTTP Accredited Program, please contact to receive your program's code.